twenty seven names.

We all need a good old NZ-based fashion brand to fall in love with.

It’s crazy how most international designers focus on a specific set of design rules and styles each season, with elements crossing over different labels, like the gladiator sandal of yesteryear. But when you dig a little deeper it’s clear that the nationality of the fashion designers, harking back to their hometown, have a huge influence on the collection. Something little always pops out.

It might just be because of my friends, but I’ve always seen the Kiwis as pure individuals with a love of boldness and patterns – they’re the kind of people who stick to what they love. That’s how gals like Lorde come about.

Massive generalisations I know, but Twenty Seven Names definitely reflects this idea. So many brilliant textures, patterns and shapes. Amazing stuff from Rachel and Anjali.

twenty seven names

twenty seven names a/w 2014

twenty seven names dress

twenty seven names nz

twenty seven names fashion

(Images from here)

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