want list :: cereal mag.

As a self-confessed obsessive magazine collector, the very thought of not owning every magazine with any worth makes me a little sad. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the world for me to spend each day poring through the latest issues, gaining inspiration – if that was a job description I would be first in line.

Hence why I can’t risk subscribing to magazines that feature only ‘now’ content. Half the time I’m reading a mag 6 months old. And then they go on my shelf for another 50 years, for referencing purposes of course.

The first time I saw Cereal I was just so captured by the simplicity of the cover – perfect, understated design. Also makes reference to one of the greatest breakfasts ever, so it’s an immediate win. Cereal is definitely the most indie of travel magazines, focusing on the secret places, like the booktown in Wales, and oh my goodness, the wonderful photography. Knocks your socks off. And well worth the long wait to be read. 

cereal magazine

summer cereal magazine

santa barbara cereal magazine

amalfi cereal magazine

(Images from here)

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