manspiration :: acne.

I’ve decided it is about time I stopped just focusing on the women, although we are great. Even though I won’t ever be seen sporting these menswear collections, except maybe a jumper here and there, we can still be inspired them. They could ultimately affect our own womenswear fashion in everyday life. Menswear can be so much easier to wear – more forgiving on all our different shapes and sizes, less jazzy bits everywhere, and just simple design.

Acne’s Spring 2015 collection is one where I wouldn’t mind buying pieces for myself. Disguising them as a ‘gift’ for someone else, and then it just so happens I never actually pass the present on…

Those oversized jackets are what dreams are made of. If you dream strange things like me. Seriously, these are so high on my wish list right now – all those A’s. 

acne spring 2015 menswear

acne menswear spring 2015

acne menswear spring 2015

acne spring 2015 menswear

(Images from here)

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