musings :: yasmin sewell.

Apart from being one of the coolest women alive, Yasmin Sewell is also one of the most trendy, beautiful and bursting with talent / ingenious. It would be rare to see a street style collection without her wonderful, joyful face popping up. As a fashion consultant, this basically is her job, but she does it pretty darn well. I’m sure I’m not the only gal in the world wishing I could have even a smidgeon of her genes and creativity.

Like Leandra Medine, Yasmin was an early blossomer – achieving so much by the age of 22. How does all this greatness even occur?  Maybe it’s all that time in humble old Australia as she was growing up.

We see her in the streets wearing new designer labels, we want it. And so the world goes round. She’s just brill basically, and rules the world. 

yasmin sewell


yasmin sewell


yasmin sewell

yasmin sewell street style

yasmin sewell

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