selby + creatives.

Oh Mr Selby is one of my faves. I wish I could meet as many inspiring people as he does everyday. Not sure if it is a prerequisite to being in an artistic industry – but how do all these folks live in such amazing spaces? They all have a loft, or a studio, or a converted warehouse or a beach shack.

My attitude quickly becomes a ‘don’t worry about anything except doing the things you love’, when I look at these for too long. If I pursued all my crazy dreams I really doubt I would end up with a downtown apartment, and enough money to afford belongings to fill it. My life would definitely not look as perfect as Todd Selby’s photos.

This London den is one of my absolute favourites – the home of a creative couple, Holly Wales and Stephen Smith. Everything about it is incredible. The light, the crafty spaces, the cluttered walls, the plant-filled balcony and the exposed wooden beams. Maybe if I moved to London I would chance upon somewhere exactly like this, and have an arty job by default…

the selby

holly wales and stephen smith

london holly wales

the selby

(Images from here)

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