model muse :: karlie kloss.

We’ve had a bit of Cara overkill – how many ad campaigns can one model be in? Just flicking through the latest Harpers and she is on every second page, even has a Mulberry bag designed for her. In marketing we constantly hear about the clutter in the market, but maybe that hasn’t translated to the real world for real brands just yet.

Everything in moderation. They say that about food, but it also fits for our models. Her pull died when every existing women’s magazine fought for the latest Cara scoop. There is no such thing as the face of a brand if you are fronting a million campaigns…#justsayin.

But enough of that mind-numbing rant, let’s turn to something more joyful. Karlie Kloss, on the other hand, is big, but not too big. Everyone knows her, yet she isn’t in every luxury fashion brand’s advertising creatives. Plus she is just so dainty, and her name makes me think of fairy floss.

I imagine her to be the most polite of all models, always remembering her manners and never having a bad word to say about anyone. I will never know if that is truth or not, but with a face like that she could basically get away with anything. Good girls parade. 

karlie kloss

karlie kloss hair cut

karlie kloss black and white

karlie kloss haute couture

(Images from here)

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