marssi marssi marssi.

Reminding me of good old Brady Bunch – ‘Marcia Marcia Marcia’. But unlike Jan I am saying this in an absolutely positive way.

Each Marssi shoe is hand-crafted with so much effort and love, just watch the video and you will see what I mean. I just enjoy seeing people who are clearly so passionate about what they do, and these creators certainly are. Kim and Lisa have this unique concept of creating unisex shoes, with sizes being determined by your foot length in cm. So now if I really wanted a pair of man shoes I actually could get my little hands on them. Cool, creative shoes for fun folk.

For summer I would really love a pair of these hastings babies – so ba-utiful and animal printed. 

marssi shoes

marssi sandals

marssi brogues

marssi leather

(Images from here)

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