studio cockatoo.

A good geometric print goes so far in my opinion. One of the best things about exploring Melbourne last summer was stumbling upon these treasure troves of design. It was prints galore, stacks on stacks. Somehow I got out of there without buying one, but that’s more to do with my fear of damaging its gloriousness in my bag more than anything else.

Studio Cockatoo have more fab prints – honestly, they are so good that even though I absolutely detest birds, I would almost consider one of these macaws. They’ve made something so fearful look beautiful. Personally I’m after the Salvador Dali creation, or a cactus. Or both.

On another note, I adore husband and wife teams – they are one of the best things. To spend all day everyday, and then come and still manage to live together and not be filled with hatred, is quite the amazing feat. Admiration from all over for these guys. 

macaw studio cockatoo

skull studio cockatoo

fox studio cockatoo

watermelon studio cockatoo

(Images from here)

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