inspiration wall :: october.

Spring is actually showing its true colours now – already had two almost-beach-days. I can even walk around without wearing a cardigan, which is pretty amazing coming from me. 

inspiration wall october

– These sugar-free bliss balls are truly sugar-free – no need for dates or agave here. And they are absolutely delicious, my sneaky work snack at the moment. I’m dealing these things now.
– This article is super old, but any job that involves continually learning about the most random things of life must be great. So lets all become the doodlers for Google.
– I wish my sewing machine set up looked this great. All decked out and constantly ready to go – just what I need to get me creating again.
– Backstage at Jacquemus. Firstly, who knew models had that much fun pre-runway? I always imagine an absolutely hectic changing zone, but they’ve cleverly cropped that out of this scene. Secondly, what amazing dresses. They would make any day fun, even when the sun is just glowing outside and you are stuck indoors.
– Time for the bike yet again. Bikes, and prints.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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