reliving :: christian dior.

Something a little more recent this time round – funny that it’s Dior again (seriously showing the power Raf has). Most of the time I enjoy looking back at past fashion shows and seeing how they have shaped fashion today. It all just proves how cyclical fashion really is – note to self: NEVER throw away any clothes, even if this means you become a hoarder, or your children may hate you forever. I wish mum had kept more of her 80’s gear, I can never go past a chunky cardigan and crazy jewellery. Now we are in this weird period where we have developed so many new fabrics, however the silhouettes from the past keep making an appearance.

So here we go with the Dior Spring Summer 2015 range. Inspiration from the 60’s, 70’s, and probably a bit of everything else too. A mix of wonderful textures and tones – we go from country / prairie girl one minute to elegant city slicker / working gal the next. Raf Simons has taken care of all our fashion dreams once and for all. 

dior spring summer 2015 backstage

christian dior 2015

prairie dior 2015

christian dior raf simons

dior spring summer 2015

(Images from here and here)

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