bungalow vibes.

When I think bungalow, I think chilled out, spacious, summery places. This Jamaica Bay, New York, space doesn’t quite fit my normal description but it is still pretty freaking cool.

My absolute dream is to one day find a little run-down shack and transform it into something beautiful. Keep all those vintage / daggy elements but jazz it up a little with some colour and design and personality. Now my fear is that a) all the lonely shacks will be taken up by someone else first to be made incredible, and b) they just get knocked down before I even have a chance. One of my greatest sadnesses is seeing houses with potential being demolished just for a mcmansion – a giant, nothingness on the street (don’t worry there are many way more crucial things in life that make me sad, but this trend just shows our absolute consumerist attitudes and lifestyles).

This bungalow was lovingly treasured and restored, so it just makes sense for me to have an amazing respect for its owners. Can we all just be reno queens like Barbara and Claudia.

restored bungalow

jamaica bay windows


(Images from here)

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