taking stock part 2.

My 23rd birthday seems the perfect time to take stock and reflect once again. I definitely don’t do this enough – I get so caught up in the moment and excitement of things that I forget to look back and actually think. Here is my attempt at taking a moment, thanks to the always amazing Pip Lincolne

light bulb

Making : my fashion collage scrapbook better, and my pile of photo cut-outs bigger
Cooking : as many sugar free breakfasts as I can, gradually getting through all my cookbooks
Drinking : tasty cocktails with friends at SoCal
Reading: way too many magazines that overload my brain with inspiration
Wanting: time to read all these mags
Looking: forward to warmer days and more of the beach
Playing: triple j on my morning walk to the bus
Deciding: what to get everyone for Christmas, how to get everything done, where to go for New Years
Wishing: decisions were easier, and that there were at least 26 hours in each day
Enjoying: the sunshine, the beach, friends, family, weekly Saturday breakfast, catching up on my favourite blogs
Waiting: for someone to come move in with us!
Liking: work, as nerdy as that sounds
Wondering: how people can ignore the big issues in the world
Loving: peacefulness
Pondering: how I can be someone who actually makes a difference
Considering: if I could ever have a successful veggie garden – being all self-sustainable
Watching: a lot of Scrubs
Hoping: for taboo subjects like mental illness to be talked about more in society
Marvelling: at the world
Needing: lotsa hugs
Smelling: those birthday flowers chilling on the table
Wearing: all my dresses again – finally letting those legs get some sun
Following: every word that rolls out of Leandra Medine’s hilarious mouth
Noticing: how lucky we really are to have all these amazing blessings like food and health and home
Knowing: love
Thinking: about a million things all at once
Admiring: fashion designers like Oscar de la Renta who make a name and have real talent
Sorting: the mess on my floor
Buying: my Fossil watch!
Getting: sleepy
Bookmarking: many more recipes to my already long list of things to create
Disliking: the afternoon slump
Opening: hundreds of emails a day
Giggling: about life and the ridiculous things we say
Feeling: content
Snacking: on my protein balls and nuts
Coveting: the wardrobe of Leandra Medine
Wishing: I could afford more of these amazing things
Helping: clean
Hearing: all those sirens – too many sirens

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One thought on “taking stock part 2.

  1. […] As part of my WIP, or should that be LIP? (definition: life in progress), I’ve typed up a  more succinct, slightly less sensitive review for the year, with prompts taken from an October post by the lovely Hannah… […]

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