inspiration wall :: november.

It’s now the start of a new month, edging closer to the end of the year (+ Christmas which is a slight stress / money grabber). Yesterday one of my beautiful friends got married – a wedding that could easily appear on any number of desirable bridal blogs. Terrace Press created all the stationery, from every single kind of invitation thinkable, to menus and favour labels, and Boutierre Girls looked after the floral arrangements and hangings. Looking forward to seeing so much more of this pop up everywhere. Wedding season truly is upon us. It has set the tone for a fab month ahead – with a ton more beach days, picnics and tan sessions.

november inspiration wall

– Been reminded of the greatness of Oscar de la Renta in just about every blog post I have read in the last 2 weeks – every piece and collection is full of inspiration. This one back in spring 2004 – and I would definitely pull it out today.
– Windows – they make or break a room. And I need so much light every day, I’m basically the complete opposite of a vampire. Future house = full of brightness.
– Read this article last week. If I stopped buying a coffee each day I could buy some amazing Alexander Wang heels. Now I’m just torn.
– Miroslava Duma with cartoon and happy feelings, floral and fun for spring time.
– This raw chocolate and raspberry cheesecake is mouth watering. My birthday cake last week, and no one even realised it was sugar free.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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