patchwork backpack.

What an emotional few days. My best friend is now married, and on her way for some fun overseas adventures; I’m seriously sleep-deprived and in need of a week’s recovery. And I am completely jealous of this honeymoon. An amazing trip in Mexico and Jamaica? Yes puh-lease.

Mexico has always been my dream destination, ever since early high school. I don’t think there was any logic behind it – it looked cool, it was hot, they have beaches, and the food is incred. Or maybe I liked the look of all the crazy gangsters on TV. Who knows, the mind of a 13 year old. But now I have also fallen in love with cacti and the interesting culture, the colours and arts. The reasons for me to go are mounting, so one day we will finally have to make the big trip. At least now I will get a sneaky little insight into the area, via their experiences.

These crafty Sketchbook backpacks are exactly what I need for all my future travels, and continued dreaming. Especially good for Canadian experiences I’d say, what with the colour scheme and ruggedness. But Mexico will still do the trick. Count down on. 

patchwork backpack

sketchbook backpack

(Images from here)

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