want list :: tibi + something more.

I always write my blogs in front of the TV. The thoughts come to me during the day (or in the shower – I desperately need a waterproof notebook), and then they come alive at night. I was at the birth of the multi-screen phenomenon and have been a serial offender ever since. 

Killing two birds with one stone is my life philosophy. It goes further than blogging – I check facebook while I walk to the bus stop, read my book on the bus, ready my magazine on the train, listen to the radio while I run, have a million thoughts buzzing in my head at all times. And it gets exhausting. I never realised how anal I am, until just now in jotting this down. My life is a lot less carefree and non-time-restricted than I thought.

I’m starting to understand that the problem isn’t the number of hours we have in the day, and how I always wish there were more so I could fit everything in, but more about the way we spend it. It’s such a balancing act between things we WANT to do and the things we HAVE to do. Now I need to make some free time to ponder and figure out my own way to scale these things.

On a completely different note – one that doesn’t hurt the brain too much, but is way more superficial – my next save item, a pair of Tibis. I gasp. Every show so perfectly made and still looking comfortable. Bliss may be mine when I make this purchase, and balance my life. 

tibi mule

tibi sandals

(Images from here)

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