anatomy of :: slides.

Since I can’t handle blood and guts and internal organs, I thought maybe I would study the anatomy of something I actually enjoy instead. Hence my new series.

I won’t lie, when I first saw these were coming back into fashion, after many blissful years without, my heart dropped. Yes, the 90’s had some good things to offer, like overalls and sexy crimped hair, but slides were not one of them. I cringe when I even hear the word, ‘sliiiiiides’. After working at Athlete’s Foot for numerous years I have developed an unhealthy hatred of feet – when you see that many stinky, misshapen pairs it is completely understandable though. I appreciate that some people do have lovely feet, but for the vast majority of us, they are just these floppy weird-shaped  hand-imitators at the bottom of our legs. And slides show off way too much of these cringe-worthy features.

Those Adidas ones everyone used to wear to the pool, and have now become heart of the normcore trend? My blood curdles. I understand that Birkenstocks are super comfy – if all the internet cool kids are wearing them, there must be some merit. But you won’t catch me in these any time soon (I’ve already expressed my pact on this before).

Why can’t we develop our own little trends instead of following what the world dictates? That could be half my problem with this – something we all thought was disgusting has now become a fashionista item, all because a few trend setters decided it would be (I forgive you though, Leandra). If one day I somehow turn, and succumb to the practicalness, please rebuke me heavily. 

slides tommy ton

(Image from here)

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