new yorker for a day.

These photos are getting me even more excited for summer, if that is even possible. I crave the constant warmth and outdoor time. After a crazy busy week all I want to do is relax on the beach, and try to get rid of my terrible swimming-back-tan.

It’s people like Kelsea Kosko who I find truly inspiring. I don’t know much about her, can’t say I’ve ever met her, but she seems like the kind of person who goes with her gut. Who follows her dreams and creative loves even if it means struggling for a while, and still having fun with it. What a blessing in life to do these things, even when there is great fear. Live in that fear, and revel in it. That’s my advice to myself – now finally I have to act on it. 

kelsea kosko

kelsea kosko photography

kelsea kosko


kelsea kosko ice cream

(Images from here)

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