photoshoot :: living the old school way.

It is officially summer – whaaaaatt (crazy crazy crazy). Too much joy to even describe right now. I can finally get in the ocean for more than a dive, it’s actually a swim. We can stay in the hot sun until late in the day and then wander to find some tasty feastings.

The weekend saw me discover one of my new favourite cafes, Dose, a little hidden suburban gem with incredible coffee and amazing breakfasts. On top of that, I found the most amazing health foods store. Bulk buy, make your own snacks, fill your own jar with organic olive oil, and get some fresh / real peanut butter. Maybe it’s sad, but it’s these things that get me excited for life. I’ve stocked up on treats for a while, until I decide I need another health encouragement.

This shoot expresses some of that summer happiness – being free to travel and wander, without even needing a cardigan. Absolute bliss. So it’s time to escape, even if it is just through pictures for the moment.

summer bliss photo shoot

summer holiday photo shoot

minamurra photo shoot

(Images from here)

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