inspiration wall :: december.

Full of the summer vibes now. It feels almost like we are living on a tropical island (hello Fiji), these super hot days and stormy nights keep coming. The worst thing is witnessing the sun through all the glass each day. Somehow everything for my wall this month features hints of orange – my subconscious is pulling out all the warm colours for my joy. 

december inspiration wall

– This little lacey ensemble is what I wish I was wearing all summer. So easy, breezy, beautiful. I can just see it appearing at all the upcoming boho weddings – and of course it is a Zimmermann creation.
– Lofted buildings are my constant favourites. And oh so airy and light. After living in a sauna for the last few months, this would be an absolute dream (it’s almost a blessing I have to move home this weekend).
Karen Walker, my idol and inspirer, and provider of the perfect summer outfits. Print and colour and accessories. All necessary.
Sweet potato korma – an amazing, simple dinner. Although this may often seem a wintery meal, it perfectly satisfies on a warmer evening too.
– Moving back home this weekend has it’s positives and negatives. To make it more exciting, I may have to improve my cacti collection and create a spiky little nook. Ready for all my new creative projects.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

One thought on “inspiration wall :: december.

  1. Very Cool, especially the Karen Walker outfit! We are travelling to India soon so would loveee to get my hands on something like that!

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