books books everywhere.

Doing my constant magazine catch-up yesterday I found out about the Michelberger Hotel (thank you Elle for taking me to Berlin for a minute, and off the boring train ride home).

Firstly, I just really want to go to Berlin now. I imagine the scene as a much more European-ised, genuine hipster-ised Melbourne. So all in all, I now have to save to get my booty over there.

Secondly, what a hotel / hostel this is. Full of amazing organic food (including my absolute fave sweet potato chips), the option of a loft room, and the incredible book-filled bar. The furniture is pretty much made out of old school books and mags, so there’s always plenty of entertainment. Especially for someone like me. The fiend of information and reading material. I wouldn’t even care if the drinks tasted like dirt.

honolulu bar michelberger hotel


michelberger honolulu bar berlin

michelberger hotel bar berlin

(Images from here and here)

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