dutch for a day 2.0.

Unfortunately we are now back from another weekend in Ulladulla. Finally time to relax and switch off (didn’t even look at my computer once, which is absolute craziness). I read so much, laid about so much, soaked up the sun so much, and ate great food. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Every time we get back though I just want to go adventuring again.

Lisa Smit is making these feelings even stronger, drawing me back into the car for another long road trip. Photos from so many different places – all these travels and experiences, with bonfires and old cars. I’m sure I’ve spoken of her before, but it is all well worthy. This Dutch girl has checked off half the world already, what we all dream of.  lisa smit photography photographer lisa smit europe lisa smit deer lisa smit beetle lisa smit beach lisa smit (Images from here)

2 thoughts on “dutch for a day 2.0.

  1. Stunning photographs – Providing us with some inspiration for our upcoming vacations!


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