xoxo alice mccall.

When I get a little piece of her, one day, I will know I have made it in life. Yes, that is one of the most materialistic things I could ever say, but I just adore everything Alice. My sneaky dotti dress, which to the unkowing eye comes across as a lovely Alice McCall number, is possibly one of the smartest purchases I have ever made. Each piece is made with an astounding playfulness and beauty. She brings out the best of our girly nature and takes it to the next level.

For better or for worse,  the updated Macquarie Centre houses one of her stores. I’m actually avoiding that section at the moment, for fear of bursting into jealous tears whenever I walk past. That’s how you know it is true love. Shots below from one of my most favourite collections (SS 12-13 Babooshka).

alice mccall babooshka

alice mccall babooshka lookbook

alice mccall ss12-13

alice mccall lookbook

(Images from here)

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