reliving :: adam lippes.

I came across a great great quote the other day, sitting in one of my favourite ever books, The Fashionable Selby. Simon Doonan says, “…great fashion needs craft and skill and artisan magic. Without these qualities it (fashion) was soulless and pointless and had no enduring quality.” So evident in Adam Lippes’ ingenious, classic silhouettes throughout the Resort 2015 collection. It’s all about the cut, feel, and incredible pain-staking thought and creative process that go into it all. Without them, it is just another piece of fabric stitched up in a sweatshop, adding to all the ethical and sustainable concerns.

For me, the feel of the fabric is so important. I need to touch each piece of clothing, even if there is no way I could afford to purchase. I waltz past each rack, gliding my hands across every item, probably driving the shop assistants mad. The idea of quality and sustainability have been deeply engrained in me.

On another note, these designs are so very Leandra-esque, or Jenna-ish. Walking down the streets of New York, being snapped in your trendy get-up, layering like there is no tomorrow. All in the life of a crazy fashion blogger or creative director. What a life it is.

adam lippes resort 2015

adam lippes resort 2015

adam lippes layering

adam lippes blogger style

adam lippes paperbag waist

(Images from here)

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