creative guts.

The worst thing is getting all inspired right before I attempt sleep. Normally as soon as I hit the pillow I am dead to the world, but in these instances my mind buzzes, continually. The seemingly good ideas keep coming. I’m thankful for my trusty notepad and pen beside my bed, but once I start jotting these things down I keep trying to invent more.

It’s a good problem to have – much better to not sleep because of over-inspiration than insomnia. It would be a wonderful problem if I actually acted on these ideas every once in a while. But one of my goals for the year is to just go for it, follow Nike’s mantra. Try the things I’ve always wanted to, create some of the ideas my mind has dreamt up, and not get too bogged down in the everyday of all other bits and pieces. If this most recent plan eventuates, you will definitely hear about it. My fingers are crossed that I actually follow through.

Like Chela Edmunds, the creator of all these beautiful Takewei ceramics. Finishing the year off with some pretties. Imagine a kitchen filled with these colours and patterns. Sitting down with a tea becomes even more exciting. It takes guts to go and create, but it could just pay off. Or at least result in some interesting gifts.

takewei ceramics

takeawei ceramic bowl

takeawei mug

(Images from here)

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