to relax is luxury.

The New Year. We made it through 2014, and what a fast year it was. It sped past with hardly any time to blink, or stop and think. But I made it through my first year of a ‘real’ job, moved out for a while, bridesmaided it up, and kept on dreaming. I’m expecting big things from 2015 – a year of getting things done, experiencing new moments, adventuring always, and spending the best times with friends and family. Bring it on.

Starting the year off on a perfectly fashionable foot – the wonderful, infallible Margaret Zhang. Such a talent, expressing the mood I feel so strongly right now. One of pure relaxation, and luxury. I wake up, have my porridge concoction, then head to the beach for some sunshine and ocean. And repeat. I could live like this forever. To relax really is a luxury in my go-go-go life. 

margaret zhang photo shoot

margaret zhang fashion

margaret zhang editorial

(Images from here)

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