want list :: ola para siempre.

This summer Tim and I have made progress. He finally took up the challenge to re-teach me how to surf – now that I have my wetsuit there is no excuse. Thankfully for him I’ve had multiple bouts of lessons during my teenage years. It’s just unfortunate that I never picked up my board in between all those beach holidays, or I could be a pro by now (in my dreams). I might not remember much, but at least I know how to stand.

Some days I want to be rich and successful, other days I would be quite content bumming around at the beach for the rest of my life. All these hopes that I will one day actually be able to surf by myself have me re-surfacing one of my oldest desires – to road trip around the Australian coast line. The only rule is to always chill out. All you need is your little car, a tent, some company, and the surfboards. Then come what may.

First I want to get one of these Ola Para Siempre surfboard covers – Sina is an amazing Australian creative, and one of these would make even my foamy look cool. And then we go, with salty hair and (hopefully) tanned skin.

ola para siempre surfboard cover

handmade surfboard cover

(Images from here)

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