a détacher.

Last week I read an article about a brand that was previously unknown to me – A Détacher. I was obviously stuck under a rock for years. There are a few reasons why I’m so glad I decided to click on the link and follow through.

Firstly, the super cool designer, Mona Kowalska, is a trend-setting hero. She believes in the 4 day working week, within the cut-throat fashion world. Who ever heard of such a crazy (good) concept before? Apparently there should be one day for absolute relaxation, one day for errands, and another day for learning. Sounds like the perfect plan to me (and a dream for any future business concepts).

Secondly, she keeps it all real. Mona doesn’t want the business to take over the world, but is quite content to remain small and sought-after. More importantly, to not contribute to the masses of landfill created by fast fashion and unnecessary purchasing. The clothing is built to outlast the trends.

Thirdly, and obviously, the clothes are perfectly beautiful. I am well and truly on the band-wagon now, another insane fan chasing down every piece of the collections I can. 

a detacher ss15

a detacher mona kowalska

a detacher fashion

a detacher spring summer 2015

a detacher ss15

(Images from here)

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