perthite for a day.

Some weeks are just plain strange, Filled with really good things, seriously bad things, happy moments, and stressful times. It gets to a point where you have no idea how to actually feel – it all gets meshed into one big confusing mess. And unfortunately the world doesn’t stop for you. There’s no time to reflect or consider these happenings, which creates a massive snowball effect. So the long weekend, while being a time to catch up with friends and have fun, will also be used to think, relax and just be. An effort to stop this ball rolling before it manoeuvres all the way down the hill.

Somehow these photos, from the talented Briony Ridley, perfectly reflect how I want to live right now (I’ve also just fallen in love with her collaborative blog, and fashion photography). A bit of freedom in the wilderness, roaming, searching, pondering. Letting the thoughts come out and make their own way through the world.

briony ridley freedom


briony ridley photography

briony ridley country

briony ridley kalgoorlie

(Images from here)

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