luu studios.

Watching True Detective has made me feel quite wary of dream catchers and basically anything made out of a mixture of twigs and twine. (But do watch it, we are completely addicted. Matthew McConaughey is now well and truly the king of all actors). Yet these materials are some of my favourites, always on hand and beautifully earthy. I’m not one for all the mysticism surrounding the bedroom decorators, but I have long been attracted to their web-like patterns and individuality. Dream catchers are one of those items where you will never find two identical, each is unique and somehow fits their maker and their owner. 

Luu Studio creates some perfectly whimsical catchers with driftwood, feathers, and other hippie-loved things. Which makes me really want one. Once the strangeness of Louisiana has left my brain and I have fully recovered. 

luu studios dream catcher

luu studios dream catcher

(Images from here)

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