manspiration :: burberry prorsum.

This menswear fashion week the street style has been all about the tailored coat or jacket, adding in a touch of colour via beanies, socks and scarves (also my favourite accessories). The shows have been brilliant (if not a little scandalous, thanks to Rick Owens).

One of my favourites at the moment is the recent Burberry Prorsum show though. Clearly taking plenty of inspiration from the 70’s, as are most current collections, the prints and colours exude a sort of warmth I wish I had today. This Australia Day has been wet and miserable – where normally I am kicking to get to the beach, right now I am dreaming of a fire, trackies and coffee. My summer wardrobe was not prepared for this.

These here are the smart guys, ready for a night on the town, but cleverly cosy – basically a little more of what I need to be on days like these.

burberry prorsum fall 2015 menswear

burberry prorsum menswear

burberry menswear 2015

burberry menswear fall 2015

(Images from here)

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