musings :: highasakite.

Last night I was blown away – Highasakite were amazing, beyond expectations. The music was beautiful, the set hauntingly brilliant (with flickered lightbulbs and lamps), and the Norwegian accents wonderful. My ears came away happy, as did my heart, developing not one, but two more girl crushes. This is becoming a long list, but a worthy one.

Ingrid Helene Havik looked like a dark angel with her purple hair and graphic tattoos, while Marte Eberson billowed in her flowing 70’s shift. Plus they are among the coolest kick-ass chicks, like Warpaint, First Aid Kit, Mo, and Beyonce. Yeah. The boys aren’t too bad either.

So give them a listen and some love. See them live and they will truly win you over – whether it be with their style or their tunes. 


highasakite ingrid helene

highasakite ingrid marte

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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