30 before 30.

I’ve been planning this list for a long time, inspired after several conversations and the adventures of many. It was time to create the 30 before 30 list – all the things I need to accomplish before I hit the ripe old age, before my wisdom fully kicks in. So now I have just under 7 years to tick everything off. Only problem is that I keep thinking up new things, so these have become my add-ons, my ‘nice to haves’ – I expect these to keep coming until the day I die. Some things are easy, some are hard, but it’s just about getting out and doing things, trying the new and different. 

collage kiss

1. Live in London.
2. Tick off all my cafes.
3. Finally finish Soph’s 18th present.
4. Start / join a book club.
5. Go on a winery tour.
6. Get my tattoo.
7. Start a side project / business venture.
8. Learn a language – again.
9. Learn to drive manual.
10. Compete in an ocean swim.
11. Visit Em wherever she is in the world.
12. Road trip the Australian coast.
13. Experiment with natural dyes.
14. Go to Coachella / another massive festival overseas.
15. Hold a market stall.
16. Learn to surf properly.
17. Go fruit picking.
18. Help at a homeless shelter.
19. Milk a cow.
20. Learn to skateboard.
21. Study design.
22. Have a bonfire on the beach.
23. Throw a surprise party.
24. Actually learn Photoshop and InDesign.
25. Take salsa classes.
26. Interview one of my long-time muses.
27. Take cooking classes in Europe.
28. Learn the art of the perfect coffee.
29. Go on a famous overseas hike, like Machu Picchu or the Pyrenees.
30. Build a piece of furniture.
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12 thoughts on “30 before 30.

  1. Wow! So many! Good luck! 😉 I´m 34 and I can´t drive (at all), never been outside Europe (yet), wanted a tattoo so bad when I was 18 I´m happy I never got it, speak 4 languages, thinking about studying photography. 😉

      1. Well, I´m born in Romania, so that´s my mother tongue. At school we learned English and French, and although the latter is quite rusty, I can still pull it off. 😉 And at 20 I moved to Norway, so I learned Norwegian. 😉

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