musings :: leandra.

This post is much to be expected if you have been even vaguely following me. What can I say, Leandra Medine is just IT. Lately I’ve developed a new habit. Instead of scouring Facebook feeds or Instagram posts forever, and becoming seriously bored while waiting for public transport, I use my time more wisely. I catch up on The Man Repeller. It’s always good to start the day at 6am with a giggle and some thought-provoking.

In my dreams Leandra and I are best friends. We share closets, boy stories, and sarcastic comments. We walk arm in arm to each of the fashion shows and then rack our brains for some hilarious, yet formed, fashion comments. The way I see it, she is the way more accomplished, designer-owning version of me (admittedly, I am definitely the only one to make these connections with myself).

So who knows what the next few years will bring – maybe that dream will become reality (fingers and toes and everything crossed). I could have posted these photos forever.

leandra medine style

leandra medine fashion

leandra medine the man repeller

leandra medine

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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