anatomy of :: that 70s show.

It’s popping up everywhere right now. The latest runway hit is clearly heavily reliant on our forefathers, harking back to the 70’s.

My question for all of you, and the fashion industry – if we are just reinventing the past styles, is there anything left to imagine? Maybe we have reached that point in fashion when there is nothing more (other than the techy futuristic wearable technology and smart clothing – but how many of us will actually wear this anyway?). Are we now in the period where all new ideas and concepts have been taken, been there done that? Maybe we’ve experimented all we can with denim and silhouettes, until we develop three boobs or an extra leg. That would give us some refreshed encouragement. Our fashion is an update on the older trends.

In saying that, the 70’s is my most loved decade – oh to be young and free, a flowerchild in the golden period. It also saw some of our greatest introductions – the flare, all the tassles, PAISLEY, and a brilliant dusty hue. Let’s just forget about the horrendous home decor.  

j crew fall 2015

rachel comey fall 2015

frame denim fall 2015

(Images from 1 – J. Crew, 2 – Rachel Comey, 3 – Frame Denim)

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