melbournian for a day.

Surprise, I’m actually still here. Our volcano friend in Vanuatu decided to burst some ash into the sky yesterday, so now we have a 2 day mini home holiday before we finally leave. Just enough time to squeeze in one more February post before we head into autumn.

After my active brain struggled with some serious boredom for a couple of hours this morning, I needed to get out of the house. A solo adventure. Something I haven’t done since uni days. I forget how refreshing it is to just go where you feel, pop in any shop you desire and wander. I actually got on the train with no idea of my destination but ended up in Summer Hill – mainly because of the cafe opportunities (Heritage Coffee Brewers became my lunch spot).

It’s a good lesson to learn  – being alone, getting lost, and taking it all as it comes. And sometimes the greatest things are found. I had time to reflect on my blog, plan for my future (more like, freak out about not knowing what to do), and read. With my coffee. Perfecto.

And now for some wonderful photography skills care of Hilary Walker. Inspiring places prepared for a solo wandering.

hilary walker photography

hilary walker lili foster

hilary walker melbourne

hilary walker photography

(Images from here)

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