lessons from the pacific.

Hopefully I’ve arrived back a little tanner and blonder than before, which is sure to quickly fade in the air conditioned offices.

Vanuatu is an amazing place. The natural beauty is breath-taking – never have I seen so many coloured fish and vibrant sunsets. But more than that, the people are what drag you back for more. They taught me so much in my five day trip, things that are worth recalling everyday to live the relaxed and joyful life they live.

Family is everywhere. I don’t know how many times I heard, “he’s my brother” or  “she’s my cousin” while touring the island. Apparently they are all related somehow. Even if this isn’t true, what a great mindset to have. We are all family, we all look after each other.

Happiness is everything. How can a whole country be this happy? It’s almost unheard of. But a simple smile, wave and laugh goes a long way.

Fashion is all that. Almost. I think of it as cool fashion in the same sense that overalls, and socks and sandals are cool. I love them, but there is something inherently grandma-ish about these trends as well. Island dresses are the bees knees for these reasons – and I’m sure incredibly comfy too (the urge to buy one over there was so strong).

Things to take away to bring more light back home. 

vanuatu dress

(Image from here)

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