photoshoot :: classique.

The last 5 days have been a lesson in getting back to the normal. Having to set an alarm again, go to the gym, turn my brain on and sit in front of a computer day long have all been battles. But I’m getting there. In a sense I don’t want the normality to return though – those Ni-Vanuatu people live life the way it’s meant to be.

To keep me in a good headspace I’ve been continually gazing at the latest Fall Winter shows, and letting my mind go wild with inspiration. Currently I am trying to reinvent my wardrobe as well – creating new combos, wearing my staples in different ways.

This wonderful little shoot reflects these shows in part – the 70’s influences are strong. However almost every other decade is creeping in as influence too. The classics are just that.

photo shoot classic

ali stephens

fall winter 2014 shoot

70s fashion fall winter 2014

(Images from here)  

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