winter is lurking.

It’s still hot enough to sweat it out during lunchtime netball, but those cold days are fast approaching. Way too fast. I feel the same dread every year towards winter – the only things to make it better are amazing clothing, wood fires and warm drinks (screaming out for the Rekorderlig Winter Cider).

So my list of pieces that will keep me going throughout the chill has begun, inspired by some serious street style from the best.

– Fur fur fur. I am an animal lover, a nature lover, I sign the occasional Greenpeace petition, all of that stuff – but the fur is phenomenal, tracing back to our roots. Fingers crossed most of the upcoming collections feature more of a synthetic sort (although I have nothing against a perfect vintage fur coat).

– Increasing my monochromatic collection – because it is always so easy. Make it casual or worky. And platforms as well, anything that makes me feel a normal height is a treasure.

– Prints and beanies. Self-explanatory.

– Adding to the monochrome theme – GREY. I just adore everything in the shades – this is the good sort of fifty shades of grey. 

fur sleeve jacket

monochrome street style

print and beanie street style

winter street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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