reliving :: marques’almeida.

It’s not much of a reliving when it only took place the other week, but well-deserved anyhow. Marques’Almeida’s frayed denim features have become an instant hit – the world has already been swept up in the frenzy as we all dig for anything fray. They’ve done the quadruple denim and pulled it off. I also applaud them on their kimono-esque print on print, wrap / drape of fabric, completely changing the collection up with an Orient vibe.

So basically these two genius designers (another power couple) are beginning to take over the world. We just can’t get enough – even if the models look like they’ve just escaped a massive rain storm, or the set of a horror movie – that dripping, frazzled hair.

marques'almedia fw15

marques'almeida fall 2015

marques'almeida denim

marques'almeida fall winter

marques'almeida kimono

(Images from here)

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