san franciscan for a day 2.0.

It is so surreal to think that just a couple of weeks ago we were holidaying where there now is a massive, destructive cyclone sweeping through. After this trip I became personally invested in Vanuatu – the people we met and saw over there made such an impact on me, and currently they are fighting it out against this heavy storm. Call it luck that we aren’t there at the moment, but I want to respond to this disaster with as much help as I can. One minute we are talking with the locals about the recent freedom from natural disasters, with the last cyclone occurring 9 years ago. Next thing it hits. And I just hope that these amazingly joyful people will recover and maintain their warm spirits.

This is my peace sign going out. Calm and slow, from Sarah Evers – taking a breather from the crazy unexpectedness of this world.

sarah evers photography

sarah evers photography

(Images from here)

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