manspiration :: j.crew.

It’s that time of the month again – the time to celebrate menswear and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly. Every little bit of inspiration counts in a crazy, endless week.

Tim has recently taken up on that 70’s trend, much to my liking (even if it wasn’t an intentional response to the fashion shows and street style crazes). Starting work also means expanding your outfit horizons. Unlock the patterned coloured shirts from the yester-year and put them out on display, because patterns should be everywhere, all the time. In my future house I will have decked-out vintage dresses and shirts hanging from the walls in replace of your typical art – a textural beauty instead.

J.Crew’s old-school inspired spring collection has all the denim a guy (or girl) could wish for, even in bucket hat form. So everyone is happy, and further proves the labels’ genius status collection after collection.

j.crew menswear

j.crew spring menswear

j.crew man denim

denim j.crew

(Images from here)

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