mental relief with vineet bahl.

Getting outside does so much for my sanity, especially when it’s an escape to the beach. I was beating myself up for not bringing my Seafollys’ today though – absolutely perfect, and I wore the most inappropriate outfit. Why didn’t I flow with something sleeveless?

I gave up on Apple weather long ago, so when it said 27 degrees and sunny, and looking out my window instead displayed clouds, I decided my phone must be lying again. It wasn’t. So I sat on the beach in my sleeved dress (thankfully I rebuked the jeans idea), with my boots and socks sitting next to me. Coffee in hand, Russh in lap – bliss.

Exploring blogs and stalking fashion labels is another way my mind copes with life. And today we have Vineet Bahl, who I discovered through my trusty, and dangerous, daily Net-a-Porter update.

The Indian influences shine out of every piece, providing the best beach day outfits and bohemian inspiration. So many colours, textures, and traditional embroideries. Bahl is proof that the greatest fashions don’t just come out of Paris and Milan – they are a worldwide phenomenon, gems are hidden everywhere. And it’s our job to find them.

vineet bahl dress

vineet bahl jardin

vineet bahl crochet dress

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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