photoshoot :: the young ones.

When the sickness hits summer is well and truly over – the last kick in the gut to make you miss the warmth before we even get to the big freeze. Summer is such a jerk sometimes, but it’s still my favourite.

The weather has become one of my most recorded topics, it alters my whole attitude towards life and how much passion I have for creativity. Hot means inspired and busy, cold means “leave me alone I just want to sleep”. And then when I’m sick I have the internal battle of wanting to be productive, but knowing I really should just be resting.

So today I had the longest-recorded nap of my life, and binge-watched season one of Orphan Black. Then looking at all these young designers makes me wish I used ALL of my time better, where would I be right now if I created each night instead of lazing about with the TV on?

vamff young designers

young australian designers


(Images from here)

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