inspiration wall :: apr.

Did you drown yourself in chocolate already? Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am one of those strange types who fell of the chocolate craze band wagon years ago. My health kicks rid my diet of the sweet stuff, but there are still zero pangs of remorse. I get my “healthy” lot of chocolate every Christmas and Easter – then it lasts for the entire year. So really I am just super economical, choosing to spend my spare coin on coffee as opposed to chocolate – waking me up instead of making me sleepy. It’s mind blowing that we are in April already, but here we go.

inspiration wall april

– Bit late now, but I made these paleo hot cross buns, and they are great. My version (slash, the I Quit Sugar version) of the sugar-laden treat for the long weekend.
– One from the back log of trusty images – the wonderful Lover denim take.
– Read an amazing Round Table episode on Man Repeller today, focusing on our hair. You know when an article manages to articulate everything your mind is thinking? This was it for me. My hairy security blanket.
– Crochet for winter. Nanna is in, and I am celebrating.
– Black and white interiors, matching the weather, and what may become of my mood if I don’t keep trying to stay inspired.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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