want list :: some warmth.

If I had only one wish from a genie I would ask for the endless summer, so my fingers and toes would never know the cold – be protected from it forever. Because I don’t like my chances of finding an antique genie bottle, I have a slightly more feasible plan.

Time to invest in a good pair of gloves – my hands are being molested by the cold already, and winter hasn’t officially started. This year I am going to put a stop to the chill once and for all. There are a few potential problems when purchasing mitts though.

Firstly, no one wants to look like they just skied in from the snow fields. It does put a slight spanner in the works though, when the warmth levels I require for my strange body temperatures are probably only ever going to be found in ski gear. Big is not better.

Then there’s the issue of looking like a vicious biker if you go too leathery, gnarled and cut off. Or the weight lifter and hobo styles. Or really just the annoying impracticality of most gloves – the fact you literally can’t do anything with your fingers. Your hands become the invalid, so they may as well be frozen anyway. No turning magazine pages, typing iMessages, fixing your hair, or eating for that matter.

After all that I still don’t have the solution for the perfect glove – I’m hoping it will just jump out at me as I scour the internet and stalk the shops. Unless you have some ideas?

street style winter

chanel gloves spring 2009

burberry leather gloves

driving gloves

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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