reliving :: prada ss.

Oh yes, I do love a beautiful Italian brand, especially when the wings are spread. When I studied Italian in high school I would scope out Vogue Italia wherever I could, and sit there attempting to translate. Just a paragraph would take an age – I do love a challenge.

My love for Prada continues to grow each collection – years ago I wasn’t so convinced, but the uniqueness and quality styling is a stand out show after show. Don’t even get me started on the techniques, it makes any textile nerd drool.

What truly gained my respect this season was what I like to refer to as the ‘double sock’, or the art of ‘double sockking’. Maybe even the triple at times. These multi-patterned socks bring a sparkle to every dress, a bohemian touch to every coat. Half stocking, half sock, because we all love hybrids, and Sienna Miller in The Edge of Love.

I would love a pair, but my wallet would not, so I’ve come up with my own ingenious solution / invention. Instead of purchasing a pair of these socks with deceiving double appearance, let’s just do the real thing – double it up. Same plan, only warmer. So economical. 

prada ss 2015

prada ss 15 socks

prada spring summer 2015

prada spring summer dress

prada patchwork

(Images from here)

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