got the brights.

Work-from-home day meant literally looking like I just woke up – unfortunately I wasn’t the glamorous natural beauty that all the mags love to celebrate. Thankfully I wasn’t expecting that, had too much experience with it already.

Fresh(ish) and bare faced, ripped denim shorts, getting down to my work party of one. I have a new theory about myself following this day and past experiences – I could in fact be the complete opposite of the definition of an introvert. A day by myself and I am zapped of energy, a day of busyness and company and I could keep on going. To a point.

Which is why I am just sitting watching The Block right now and not living it up at Carriageworks. It’s a bad case of zombie when you miss a fashion week event. I know I will suffer from terrible FOMO tomorrow, so I’m hoping that the vibes from these bright and wonderful outfits will infiltrate my mind and transform my coming morning. 

russia fashion week clash


intarsia street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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