swedish for a day.

I’ve already remarked in the past how the Swedes are infallibly cool, all that grunge, alternativeness and envy-spiking tans. They’ve got the art of natural down pat, and design skills galore. There is definitely a stat out there about how the crazy weather and dark nights lead to insane creativity and inspiration in Scandinavia (even Business Insider say so – they rank #1 in the most creative countries in the world).

All their movies and tv shows are physical proof – not every country can get away with creepy child vampires and hubots. They invented Happy Socks and Acne, which are both great gifts to the world, so there really isn’t much more to be said. If you still don’t believe me, let me know because I would be more than happy to pull together some more evidence.

And then we have Emilia Bergmark who has captured the joy of the everyday. Family gatherings are fun-filled occasions with lake swims and child’s play. Kids dress like astronauts and ye olde battlers. So we all live our dreams a little longer.

emilia bergmark

emilia bergmark photography\flower skateboard emilia bergmark

young love emilia bergmark sweden

(Images from here)

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