manspiration :: raf simons.

Fall 2014 was clearly a great season for Raf Simons. Actually life seems quite grand as Raf, and I think my belief will be fully proven when I finally see Dior and I this week. Oh the excitement – I won’t be able to sleep on Tuesday night because my brain will be brimming with inspiration and creative thoughts (that will unfortunately never be touched).

Super punk and other-worldly, these are the outfits I imagine a rebellious astronaut wearing in their illegal rocket to the moon during the 80’s. The milky way and old planet earth adorns, overlaid with abstract art and paint splatters. It’s truly DIY fashion – I’ll just go ahead and fling some acrylics on my boring shirt, then ta-da, brand new and wholly unique.

My only question is, why the bulbous shoes? Swollen toes are super desirable, said no one ever.

raf simons fall 2014

raf simons menswear fall 2014


abstract raf simons fall 2014

knits raf simons fall 2014

raf simons paint splatter fall 2014

(Images from here)

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