musings :: drew barrymore.

Child star turned bad turned incredible. Basically sums up the life of my old favourite, and muse, Drew Barrymore. I did find it quite strange in my younger years that she had a boy’s name, but she proved she could kick some serious butt in Never Been Kissed (after living every teen girl’s nightmare) and Charlie’s Angels (I’ve wanted a jumpsuit ever since). She well and truly earned that name.

I’ve taken the liberty of awarding her with the crown of 90’s / hippie / punk / denim dream queen. The flowerchild of the golden years. Just like Chloe, she pushes the edge of fashion, honesty and life. She’s had some crazy inner struggles, just like the best of us, but she made it through, and Drew literally glows now. You win some, you lose some, but you always get a bit tougher – I bet that is her life motto.

drew barrymore 90s denim

drew barrymore 90s fashion

drew barrymore 90s photo shoot

drew barrymore 90s flowerchild

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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